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This disclosure & these disclaimers apply to all content in Tea ingredient is general for affiliate marketing website in the world. We have a team those are working and researching products from the online marketplace. When someone looking for good quality product from the online we need a lot time to find suitable and best products. To save our time and money we are here to help you find best one from the thousands of products. When someone click our research products link and buy from the world big marketplace we get portion commission from the sellers. Instead of getting any kind of commission sellers not extra charge from the buyer.

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We also offer to the customers according their need. Google Ads is approved on our site we also offer or recommend. Associate program

This is a participated in Amazon affiliate program. We spend a lot of time to researching best sellers Amazon products in our blogging website. We published the best quality products & contents on our website so that the tea lovers may take any buying actions without hesitation. We get a little portion amount of totals sales on a product. If you buy any kind of tea ingredient related products, we get commission that encourages continuing our blog.

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If you intent to buy any kind of products from our website. We get a commission on products sales price. If you search any kind of services or products our affiliate website show you related products or services. When you will click our products or services from our links your computer, Tablets or Smartphone storage cookies and track you. Then you buy a products or services will get commission.

The customers does not pay our commission it does Advertisers! So customers might buy any affiliate program products any website. It is best for customers to save their time. The Affiliate marketer is the publishers products or services.

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