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Mild and live-giving chrysanthemum tea box drinks; traditional Asian instant tea carton- Refreshing instant iced tea drink lightly infused with the perfume aroma of a yellow chrysanthemum blossom. This famous soft drink is a household from Singapore & Malaysia. Yeo’s delightful assortment of refreshing Asian ice tea drinks is enjoyed on any occasion. Famous traditional drinks brewed reception, yeo’s authentic taste is that the thirst-quenching delight.

About the product

Chrysanthemum tea box drinks offer delicious, healthful and refreshing natural Chinese instant iced tea drinks in yellow chrysanthemum and green lotus tea varieties. Made with aromatic ingredients, chrysanthemum tea box drinks appeal to connoisseurs of fine Asian tea as well as natural and functional food enthusiasts looking for an alternative to sugar-laden, artificially sweetened tea drinks. About chrysanthemum tea box one of the oldest tea companies in Singapore was founded by Mr Yeo Teck Seng in 1947. As its products developed a reputation for combining the best of quality with affordable prices, it became one of Singapore’s best-known brands.

The origins of the Chrysanthemum tea box

Wong’s first bought the chrysanthemum tea box from Malaysia and continued to stock it in the same way. Today it is still a popular gift item, and if it weren’t for the hard sell from other vendors, I doubt Wong would continue to stock the box. She introduced the tea in 1972, having noticed the chrysanthemum blossom at an art exhibition in Manila. And so I was compelled to buy one. The box looks exactly like the ones sold in Malaysia. It is simply made from cardboard, but the chrysanthemum print is so vivid. The shape is vaguely reminiscent of a saucer. Inside is the most edible yellow flower tea. Wong, who loves the tea, always recommends this to her clients who can’t remember how to brew it. The paper tea bag is easily discarded and so the box can be reused.

Our thoughts on the tea

Chrysanthemum tea is not as convenient as your standard green or black tea. In fact, Yeo’s use fresh chrysanthemum flowers to make chrysanthemum tea. Each floral bunch is carefully selected from the chrysanthemum farms in China before it’s dried and blended with natural flavours, so your chrysanthemum tea will be aromatic and complex more refined than ordinary green tea. Each delicious chrysanthemum tea is slightly mild in taste but rich in umami with chrysanthemum floral tea has a pleasant taste that appeals to people of all age groups. Chrysanthemum Tea Box – Our Pick! As an all-around tea drinker, I always recommend yeo’s chrysanthemum tea box to my guests and customers. These natural tea drinks are iced, iced-mixed with cucumber & mint, chilled or hot.


To summarize, yeo’s, as a leading brand of CPG in Singapore, is carrying on its tradition of meeting and exceeding the ever-evolving needs of its customers, and this example is no exception. From tea bags to cartons to innovative rebranding, the company is looking for ways to strengthen and diversify its customer base, and give its loyal customer a better and improved shopping experience.

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