How long does it take for caffeine effect?


The studies and research found that the half-life of caffeine is about 5 hours on a human being’s brain. As it’s a stimulating drug and works on our central nervous system (CNS). The use of caffeine is to enhances our mental alertness and wake up for a long time. The effects of a cup of coffee or cola are remarkable in just 10-12 minutes, but peak concentration in the blood within 45 minutes.   How long does tablet form caffeine takes effects on our brain? If you take the same caffeine ingredients and elements in tablet form, the peak concentration takes the same time, but longer than a half life. Those are consuming 4o gram caffeine, after 5 hours it remains about 20 gram in our system. The effects last of caffeine is not set limit. The duration of caffeine depends on dosage form and lifestyle. On personal factors, including body weight, age, co-morbid condition, and how a person impressionable is to caffeine. 

The coffee consumption varies from person to person but almost an of cup half-life 5 hours. Adjust your time when you will go to sleep. Never drink an excessive amount of coffee that is not good for our health.

Which products carry how much caffeine? See the list.  

Products Types Quantity OZ(Ounce) Quantity of Caffeine (gm)
Brewed Coffee 8 96
Espresso 1 65
Brewed tea 8 48
Energy Drink 16 158
Caffeinated Soda 12 45
Milk chocolate Candy Bar 1.6 9
Caffeine energy in (mg)

Don’t intake excessive caffeinated products. There are a number of negative effects on your body.

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